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Stem Cell Therapy for Liver Cirrhosis- a bid to cure damaged liver.


Liver is a vital organ in a human body and has very vital responsibility to keep the body clear from toxins. It works as a filter, besides doing other very important metabolical activities. The cells of liver, medically known as hepatic cells, have very good capacity to regenerate or regain normalcy, if inflamed or injured by any external invasion of toxins, pathogens or chemical reagents. But constant and continuous exposure to such harmful agents make the hepatic cells lose its original properties and become irreversibly sick.
Cirrhosis of Liver is a chronic disease which is degenerative in character. In Cirrhosis, the normal hepatic cells are damaged beyond repair and are replaced by scar tissues. Cirrhosis is a term used for a late stage of fibrosis of liver. This scarring of liver cells may be due to liver diseases or other liver conditions. Viral infections such as Hepatitis and chronic intake and abuse of alcohol are such causative factors of Cirrhosis of Liver.

Is there a cure for Cirrhosis of Liver?
Cirrhosis of Liver has been declared as an incurable disease. The scarring or fibrosis which has occurred in the hepatic tissues cannot be repaired under any condition. But there are treatments and remedies found effective to either delay or prevent further damage of liver cell those are still healthy. This involves many approaches, such as change in patient’s lifestyles, very selective diet, proper medication, complete physical rest and regular consultation and strict supervision of the treating physician. It takes a very long time of constant therapy to control and prevent further damage of liver cells in a patient of Cirrhosis of Liver. In some cases of unexpected complications, surgery is performed on cirrhosis of liver patient to manage and control the condition.
Stem Cell Therapy for Liver Cirrhosis
Stem Cell therapy is transplanting some stem cells in the affected part of the body. Stem cells are undifferentiated cells which can differentiate and regenerate into many specialized cell types needed in different parts of the body.

A theory of stem cell regeneration in damaged liver cells has been considered as most effective in rebuilding the lost hepatic cells. Stem cells can regenerate into hepatic cells and take over the function of liver cells which were lost due to fibrosis.
Liver cells are multifunctional in nature. It is responsible for digestion, blood sugar control, blood clotting, transportation of fat, cholesterol, growth of red blood corpuscles, and removal of toxins and metabolic wastes from blood.
The most preferred stem cells for transplant in a patient of Cirrhosis of Liver are Autologous Adipose Tissues. The patient him/herself is the donor of stem cells those are to be transplanted into the affected portion of Liver. These stem cells are without any risk of rejection as they come from the patient him/herself.
After transplantation in the affected parts of the scarred liver, these stem cells transdifferentiate into hepatocytes. They also produce soluble factors those promote regeneration and repair of hepatic cells. This is still the most effective stem cell treatment for Cirrhosis of Liver.

Keep Reading to Know more about Liver Cirrhosis Treatment, Autism Treatment & Stem Cell Therapy and many more other Information.

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