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Stem Cell Therapy is the latest innovation in treating diseases and managing health conditions, otherwise clinically proved to be either incurable or/and unmanageable. There are many diseases and health conditions in human beings those happen as a result of irrevocable loss of tissues or organs. Or many diseases or health conditions those lead to irreparable tissue or organ loss. There are no proven medical ways to treat such conditions except having a probable option of surgically transplanting the lost tissue or the organ from a donor. This organ or tissue transplantation has its own complications such as tissue or organ rejections by the recipient and thereby has its risk factors of failure. Stem Cell therapy has brought a new ray of hope for patients suffering from such critically incurable condition.
What is Stem Cell?
Stem cells are a group or class of specialized cells those are undifferentiated by character and properties. The stem cells have special power or capacity to differentiate and regenerate into specialized cell types, as per the requirement of body.
Stem Cells are available in every human body. Those need to be extracted from Adult tissues or from a cell dividing human embryonic zygote. These stem cells are placed in controlled culture for Trans differentiation after extraction. This controlled culture allows the stem cells to develop into only one group of differentiated cells, prohibiting them to be further specialized or differentiated. It is scientifically more convenient to make Embryonic Stem Cells differentiate and replicate instead of Adult Stem Cells.
Types of Stem Cells-
Stem cells can be derived from two sources:
1. Embryonic Stem Cells- These stem cells are derived from human zygotes. When a female egg is fertilized by a male sperm, it forms a zygote and starts multiplying through cell division. It divides by doubling itself and within 4 to 6 days attains a stage known as Blastocyst.
This Blastocyst can be clearly divided in two layers. The outer layer, called Trophoblast is to adhere and become placenta. The inner layer, called Embryoblast has these special undifferentiated classes of cells those can differentiate and replicate into differentiated group of cells with power to regenerate fast. These embryonic Stem Cells are most suitable for stem cell treatment.

2. Adult Stem Cells- These cells exist throughout an adult human body and become activated at the need of the hour. These are also called Somatic stem cells and are present after embryonic development. These Somatic stem cells are present in different types of adult human tissues. These stem cells are found in Bone Marrow, Brain, Liver, Skin, Skeletal Muscles, and Bone tissues, Blood or Blood Vessels. These Somatic stem cells become activated only after some tissue injury or any disease resulting into loss of tissues.

How Stem cell therapy works?
Stem cells are prepared after isolation and culture and are transplanted in the affected part of the body of the patient. This transplantation of stem cells is generally done through parental routes. These transplanted stem cells adhere to tissues of the affected organ and start differentiating and regenerating into that particular group of tissues, replenishing the lost tissues and thereby take over and regain normal function of that diseased organ.
Stem cells treatment is the new hope for these patients to live a normal and healthy life.

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